About Me

The Iconic Moment. It's what I aim to capture. It is the very thing that drives me in my photography. I don't try to adhere to niches because life is not a niche subject. Life unfolds in many surprising and random ways. I just want my camera and I to capture that moment. It may be unattainable but with a world that is so bewildering in it's diversity...that moment is bound to happen. So I travel near and far to find it. It may be in my back yard. It may be half way across the world. But it's the excitement of that image that keeps me awake at night. That keeps me shooting.

I have a restless drive to capture moments. My training in Visual Arts has instilled in me a way to frame and capture light. My fascination with the world around me fuels that passion. My voice is finding it's roots and I am shaping my world so that I can I can express it. This is just the beginning. It is always a beginning. Because the journey never ends.
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